X, Wild Games, Diary Of Eating Straights scene 27

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Release Year: 2017
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Levi mentioned he quite enjoys getting fucked when we met him during his introductory solo. I think you?ll find, with his performance here, that is most certainly the case! What?s more, he looks damn good while at it!

Having Sam fuck him worked out quite well, as Sam as a great dick and I knew it?d look hot as heck plunging in and out of Levi?s hot ass! Levi definitely seems to enjoy how it feels, as well!

What stood out in this one for me was just how into it both of these guys got, and how much fun they were having. It?s some intense, hardcore sex and there?s no doubt both guys are thoroughly into it and enjoying it. It was hard for me to try and identify which way the energy was flowing the most ? was it an eager and horny Sam who was fucking Levi so deep and good that they both got wrapped up in how great things were feeling? Was it a horned up Levi whose actions and ass kept turning Sam on more and more to the point that neither could hold anything back? Likely, it was a combination of both. Either way, the end result makes for a hot show and both guys emerge from this intense fuck totally satisfied and spent!

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